Thursday 4 September – Drizzly

Where Next?
Bob Williams
Fri 5 Sep 2014 06:59

Alongside Seward Boat Harbor
Weather: overcast, showers, calm and mild

It dawned grey and drizzly this morning, consequently my hope of getting another coat of paint on the rust spots I had started upon back in Kodiak was unfulfilled. Instead the boat job for the day had to be an indoor one. The engine was due for an oil change and there were oil disposal facilities at several locations around the docks, so this seemed a logical small job to take on.

The oil and fuel filter have been changed, and the heat exchanger zinc renewed as well.  I then spent the remainder of the afternoon trying to track down replacement oil and fuel filters but so far no success.

Being a drizzly sort of day there is little else to report for now.

All is well.