Rapid Bay

Where Next?
Bob Williams
Thu 5 Jan 2023 07:02
Position: 35 31.29 S 138 11.51 E
At Anchor Rapid Bay
Wind: SE F4-5
calm Swell: negligible
Weather: partly cloudy, mild
Day's Run: 14 nm

We weighed anchor at 0915 with two reefs in the main, then set the jib and sailed the short distance to Rapid Bay for a change of scenery. Sylph scooted along in the blustery conditions, mostly on a close port reach, and we arrived off Rapid Bay just on noon where we handed sail and anchored in in six meters of clear water over a sandy bottom.

After lunch I headed ashore in the dinghy for a wander around. There are a few homes here, more permanent looking than the usual holiday shacks, a large camp ground full of holiday makers, a well-maintained sports ground, a disused quarry with a large dilapidated jetty, lots of fences with the usual "Private Property, Keep Out" signs, and the usual number, ie lots, of summer flies.

The highlight of my walk ashore was the large cave at the northern end of the beach but even that disappointed with lots of human detritus scattered about and the pungent odour of a latrine permeating its deeper recesses.

A new adventure and some serious wilderness is in need (though I suspect Oli is perhaps rather indifferent to the idea).

All is well.