Breakwater Marina, Townsville

Where Next?
Bob Williams
Sat 21 Sep 2013 04:48
Position: 19 15.20 S 146 49.38 E
Alongside Breakwater Marina, Townsville
Wind North nor’ east F3 light breeze
Weather: clear, warm

I missed yesterday’s entry because it was a bit of a busy day. We weighed anchor and got underway at nine o’clock and were alongside the fuel wharf at a little after ten. Formalities complete, which this time I am pleased to say included being able to provide a insurance certificate, we topped up with fuel and proceeded to our assigned berth. A little while later my brother Michael arrived and we spent the remainder of the day at his place with his children catching up.

I have just returned on board to complete a few chores, including feeding RC. Michael will return at five thirty and we will then proceed to the airport to collect another brother, John, and his wife Cathy, thence back to Michael’s place for further familial discussions.

In the way of a piece of Sylph trivia, this is the marina from which I first purchased her, back in December 1996, and the last time we were in Townsville was on the outbound leg of our world circumnavigation in April 2002. It seems Sylph and I have something of a long term relationship going here.

All is well.