Where Next?
Bob Williams
Thu 28 Jan 2021 00:20
At anchor Careys Bay, Port Chalmers
Wind: SW, F4 gusting 5 to 6.  Sea: slight.  Swell: nil
Weather: mostly sunny, cool

The Hydrovane parts arrived in New Zealand last Sunday (24 January) and since then have been held up in the FEDEX sort facility in Auckland waiting to be processed by NZ Customs. This has required some more paperwork, most of which seems pretty pointless, such as having to apply for a customs identification number, which, as it turns out, I already have.  So now we just try to be patient and allow the wheels of bureaucracy to turn at their own imperturbable pace.

In the meantime we have moved back to anchor in Careys Bay. This will save me a little money and, perhaps more importantly, will reduce my stress levels. While alongside the Otago Yacht Club at night Oli has been a bit manic in his desire to explore the less watery parts of New Zealand, presumably for some feline piratical marauding escapades. I have had to put the storm boards in to prevent him from climbing over, through, or under the various barricades between him and the shore, and instead have had to listen to his mournful cries for much of the night. At least back at anchor he can wander the deck and know that he cannot get ashore (the feline boarding ladder hangs over the side just in case he cannot control the urge to step ashore).

I am hoping that the parts will be delivered to the Yacht Club sometime early next week and to be ready to sail by the week’s end.

All is well.