The Plan - Part 2

Where Next?
Bob Williams
Sun 12 Sep 2010 23:38

20.00 Position: 40 14.0 S 074 15.0 W
Course: Northeast Speed: 3 knots
Wind: Northwest, F2, slight breeze
Weather: Sunny, mild
Day’s Run: 62 miles sailed, 46 miles made good


Yesterday evening we were romping along, by 1 a.m. we were becalmed. So much for the plan. In fact I downloaded a grib file weather forecast at the same time as I sent the blog and position report last night and was much dismayed to see that the forecast upon which I had based my plan had changed dramatically. It seems the ridge of high pressure which was going to whip us up the coast is a lot weaker than earlier forecasts had predicted and its reach south a lot shorter. Consequently, rather than getting the fresh southerly winds upon which I had based the timing of our departure from Puerto Montt, we are getting light northerlies which are now expected to strengthen as the next low pressure system with associated front passes through. Damn! It seems highly likely we are going to be in for a long and uncomfortable ride. But for now the sun is shining, there is wind in our sails and we are sort of heading in the right direction.

All is well.


Bob Cat:

A marked improvement today thank goodness. Even a little fresh fish in my bowl this morning. Only two inches long, it did little to assuage my piscine hunger. A tit bit perhaps but I trust a taste of things to come. Now I really must catch up on a bit of … zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz