Fair Winds and Following Seas

Where Next?
Bob Williams
Sun 29 Nov 2009 17:02
Noon Position: 20 28.5 S 038 48.5 W
Course: South sou' west. Speed: 7 knots
Wind: North nor' east F5 - Fresh breeze
Weather: Partly cloudy, warm
Day's Run: 163 nm

Sylph has posted another excellent day's run - well done old Sylph. Of
course conditions have been very favourable for the past few days. The wind
is fresh from the starboard quarter, I had to put a reef in the mainsail
last night, and we have the current behind us, a pity I lost the log
impellor otherwise I could tell you how much but I'd guess about a knot. We
are still a bit further to the east then intended but according to the
weather prognosis for tomorrow the wind should ease and back into the east
more so this should push us back west. Not that I have much faith in the
Brazilian weather forecasts yet, they only produce two charts of any
interest, one a synopsis and the other a prognosis which isn't in the format
I am accustomed to and is more difficult to extrapolate from. And they only
transmit them twice a day on two relatively high frequencies, the morning
one I cannot pick up so I have to rely on the afternoon transmission and
that can be pretty dodgy as well. In fact the afternoon transmission has just come in, or rather not come in, nothing but polar bears.

As we get further south we will undoubtedly be getting headwinds again,
nothing like a bit of variety to spice life up.

All is well.

Bob Cat:

I would be more than willing to trade a few miles for a little more comfort
thank you very much. The chart table is now impossible, it wants to throw me
off with every roll. The quarter berth is quite comfortable, I have managed
to make a nice secure nest arrangement out of a couple of backpacks, their
canvas backs make for a cool bed, and close to the hatch, though as things
pick up maybe a little too close, I can hear a lot of water swooshing around
out there, and as is well know cats and water do not mix. Water may be
completely indifferent to this law of nature but I certainly am not. Another
disadvantage, while my food bowl is nearby I am no longer a kitten and it
takes some rather athletic moves and fine judgement to get from here to
there without compromising one's dignity or worse, and the rewards after
this short hazardous journey are as usual less than satisfactory. I had best
rest to ensure I have the energy to go and get some more energy . . .