No Change Yet.

Where Next?
Bob Williams
Tue 26 Aug 2008 16:47
Noon Position: 45 35.0 N 059 03.0 W

Course: West Speed: 4 knots

Wind: Southwest, moderate breeze

Weather: Fog

Day's Run: 92 miles

That's five consecutive days of headwinds, and most of it in fog. I would say that is the worst part about sailing this part of the world, the fog - not being able to see more than a few hundred yards, or less, in any direction. I am waiting for a northerly wind which is supposed to arrive later today. The barometer has fallen and is starting to rise again so we should get a change soon. Last night we were approaching Cape Perce at the northeast of Cape Breton Island so had to tack onto the less favoured tack, it felt very strange for a while and took a bit of getting used to the different orientation of everything, we had been on the port tack for so long. I was hoping the wind would have changed by now but it hasn't so just after midday we tacked back onto port and are closing the Cape Breton Coast again. I expect the northerly change will arrive soon. The forecasts promise several days of northerlies which will speed us nicely on our way. Keep your fingers crossed for me.

Bob Cat:

It is amazing what one get's used to. The big white thing up above the patio is almost constantly up, we are always moving. I am pretty convinced that the noisy thing under the floor boards is a device for creating wind; the wind dies, we stop bobbing around, the noise starts, the wind arrives, we start bobbing around and the noise stops. We have been bobbing around constantly for the past several days, so no noise form under the floor boards, skipper Bob seems a little less grumpy when we are bobbing - just Bob, Bob bobbing along, sorry that really was terribly undignified of me but just couldn't resist. That really loud shrill noise has gone off a few times as well but there seems to be always something beeping somewhere, I think it must be part of skipper Bob's domestication, he must be trained to do certain things for the different noises. They seem to keep him occupied; certainly the really loud one gets him moving. I haven't managed to sleep through that one yet, a real challenge, it doesn't often go off fortunately so does not impact my work at all.

Speaking of work, I really must get back to it. Despite the imaginary rodent's information I won't give up hope on the Bookstore window job yet.

All is well.