Off Nantucket Shoals

Where Next?
Bob Williams
Fri 15 May 2009 20:13
Noon Position: 40 22.0 N 069 16.7 W
Course: East Nor-east Speed 6 knots
Wind: South, light
Weather: Overcast, mild. Sea: slight
Day's Run: 149 miles

The wind remained fresh overnight, easing and veering towards morning, now we have shaken out the reefs, eased sheets and are making an lazy five knots, the mainsail occasionally slats as the low swell passes under the keel. Nantucket Shoal lies to the north of us and we will now adjust course for Halifax, Nova Scotia, 364 miles to the northeast.

A good day's run.

All is well.

Bob Cat:

I awoke this morning, what a powerful remedy is sleep for so may of life's little and not so little problems. Now with my sea-legs under me, and sea-stomach inside making its needs felt, I slowly ambled with the superb sure footedness of a nautical feline made for a life at sea over to the galley for the remains of yesterday's meal and what do I find, skipper Bob has cleared the decks and dished out some more hard tack. This is intolerable, a catastrophy!

Indeed all is not well.

Well you guessed it, only one solution, have a litte nap.