Departed Eden

Where Next?
Bob Williams
Fri 15 Mar 2024 03:40

1300 Position: 37 04.3 S 149 58.9 E
Course: North Speed: 5 knots
Wind: SE F4 moderate breeze
Sea: ,moderate Swell: SE 2 m
Current: S, 1 knot
Weather: Partly cloudy, mild
Day's Run: 5 nm

Yesterday afternoon I took the opportunity to get the laundry done then Sylph's crew enjoyed a meal at the local pub. Then it was time to get the crew's duffle bag onboard but the jetty where Sylph was tied up had no ladder and at low tide it was unsafe to get on board so we had to wait until 2300, close to high water, before transferring the crew's gear from the motel room to Sylph. Once that was done we turned in for a good night's rest, very much needed by the skipper at this point.

This first task for this morning was repairing the mainsail's headboard car. This involved first removing all the lower cars so that the two headboard cars could be removed from the sail track. Fortunately I had a couple of spare car ends and just enough spare ball bearings to repair the broken car and, with the crew's help, we soon had everything back together and were ready to put to sea.

With only a day of favourable wind available, once repairs were completed we gave Sylph a quick tidy up, started the engine, and just on midday slipped the dock lines and motored out of Twofold Bay, having lunch and completing a short safety brief on the way out. Once in clear water we set sail and are now running wing-on-wing, jib poled out to starboard, before the moderate SE breeze.

The plan is to get as far north as we can before the wind turns into the NE, which is expected sometime late tomorrow. Most likely we will make for Narooma which is only 50 miles away. Other options are Ulladulla, 100 miles ahead, or possibly Jervis Bay, 20 miles north of Ulladulla. We will see how we go.

All is well.