The Voyage Continues (2 June post)

Where Next?
Bob Williams
Tue 3 Jun 2014 02:11
Position: 37 35.5 N 136 54.6 E
Course: East Speed: 2.5 knots
Wind: North east F3 gentle breeze
Weather: overcast, mild
(Resend of yesterday’s blog – I believe it did not get through.)

I enjoyed a meal ashore last night in the way of a small celebration for
having finished my essay, and for having our recent travails behind us. No
doubt there will be more in store for us ahead, but we will deal with those
when they come.

Japan does not use daylight saving, perhaps because its northern provinces
are so far north. As a consequences sunrise is rather early in this part of
the world, about 4.30, so when we got underway at a pretty respectable time
of 0625 I felt more like I had slept in than achieving an early start. Not
that there was any particular hurry to get away, for once outside the
harbour the small breeze fell away to a complete calm and we drifted, the
mainsail flat as a board and the drifter hanging limp over the foredeck.
However, around 0830 a breeze started to fill in, and now we have been
making good on average about three to four knots against a light headwind.

The forecast for the next several day s is for continuing light winds and
calms, so I expect it is going to be a slow passage to Kushiro.

All is well.