The Heads, Part III (and hopefully final).

Where Next?
Bob Williams
Sun 9 Mar 2014 11:21

Position: Alongside Sato Ne
Wind: North F4 moderate breeze
Weather: overcast, light showers, cool

It has been another quiet day today. Being cold and unpleasant outside I pulled the heads apart again and re-glued the crack. This time I used a heat gun on the glue to help it set before I put it back together again. It seems OK so far.

My afternoon visit to the onsen has become part of my routine. I reckon I am cleaner than I have ever been. It is very relaxing and quite a social thing to do. A strange way to meet people, but definitely cuts across social divides when everyone is sitting around in a large hot tub naked. Unfortunately most of the time the language barrier is just too impenetrable, so attempts at conversation don't tend to get very far.

Now for a little philosophy. This week we look at the pre-Socratics. Apparently this fellow Thales decided that everything is made of water, whereas old Pythagoras said no, the real nature of things is numbers. Hmm? I spend the morning with my head in a toilet bowl, the afternoon chatting unintelligibly to some foreign blokes in the nude, and the evening with my head in the clouds. I think old Socrates would have been proud of me.

All is well.