WPR 34 – Almost Done

Where Next?
Bob Williams
Sun 25 Oct 2020 19:24

We are still on the hard having decided to postpone launch day by one week in order to reduce the stress of getting everything ready for moving back on board. The major chore this week has been cleaning up the shed and the area surrounding Sylph. A lot of gear that was stored in the work shed has now been returned on board or deposited in a dumpster, and Sylph’s interior is pretty much back together. We have started prepping and painting the deck plus finishing off some interior touches such as making new curtains and, perhaps most important of all, making a new scratching post for Oli (a piece of upholstery fabric wrapped around the compression post). Hopefully he will use that instead of the furniture.

Next week I hope to be making my final refit progress report from anchor (fingers crossed).

(Sorry, no photos this week.)

All is well.