A Fair Wind!

Where Next?
Bob Williams
Wed 27 Aug 2008 16:33
Noon Position: 45 06.8 N 060 32.4 W

Course: Southwest Speed: 6 knots

Wind: Northeast, moderate breeze

Weather: Overcast

Day's Run: 74 miles

At last, at last, a favorable wind! It teased me for a while, first it went calm, which I expected,and rained heavily for while, which was fine as this invariably flattens the seas out, and then a nice fresh 18 knot wind filled in from the northeast. I soon had the sails up and running before wing on wing. But come 4 O'clock this morning it had gradually died away to nothing and left us rolling around in some slop, and it even started to drizzle. I thought is that it, the forecast said 20 knots for three days, not three hours? I dropped the slatting sails in disgust, said a few unrepeatable things under my breath and went to my bunk for a while.

I awoke at 8 and sure enough a steady breeze had picked up and has been with us since, so now we are back to running wing on wing and making a very respectable six knots, and instead of heeling over at an steep angle and pitching and bucking constantly in a shower of spray with decks constantly awash we are rolling, I won't say gently, a small boat's motion is always a little lively, but it's a damn sight more comfortable then punching into it, and the decks are relatively dry.

Hopefully the forecast will be right and we will have this breeze for a few days; that should carry us down to the southern end of Nova Scotia.

Bob Cat:

Food, food, food!

I think I am going delirious for want of a nutritious meal. Skipper Bob gives me tit bits every now and then but for the remainder of the time I have to survive on stuff that tastes very much like cardboard, I believe in the 18th century they called it hard tack. Is this a hard nosed wind ship with a bucko skipper starving his crew? Aren't there laws about such things? Don't crews and animals have rights these days, or when the last line is cast loose from the shore is it the Captain's word is law and rue who may argue. Have things progressed so very little? If I didn't have a full time job already I might consider becoming an activist for feline crew rights. But I am afraid I have my paws full and this injustice will have to wait for another life.

Food, food, food. Oh, what to do?

No, no, I will not say

All is well.

I feel faint, I think I am going to pass out .. Zzzzzzzzz.

(Bob: All is well.)