St Kilda

Where Next?
Bob Williams
Thu 1 Sep 2011 09:25

Position: 37 51.54 S 144 57.76 E
At anchor off St Kilda
Wind: South-east F3 Gentle Breeze
Weather: Mostly sunny, cool
Day's run: 20 nm

Today's weather forecast was for east to south-east winds and tomorrow's is for north to north-east winds, so after hearing this I decided I had best head back over to the eastern side of the Bay and in the way of a slight change of scenery I made for St Kilda Pier, where, looking at the chart, I reckoned I could find shelter at anchor to the north of the pier. This has proven to be the case, and after another very pleasant sail, albeit with a dead calm for much of the morning, we have tucked in behind the pier amongst some boats swinging to moorings a little after dusk.

Speaking of calms, I went on deck last night as one does from time to time, and the scene was little short of breathtaking. It was perfectly still, a clear sky lay overhead with stars shining clearly but over the city was a thin layer of cloud which captured the city's lights and diffused them all along the horizon. I took a photo but I would need to be J.M.W. Turner to capture the feel of the scene.

Tomorrow I might go and see how Mark's barbecue is coming along.

All is well.