Sail to Port Vincent

Where Next?
Bob Williams
Thu 8 Sep 2022 09:36
Position: 34 46.13 S 137 51.96 E
At anchor Port Vincent
Wind NW F3-4
Sea: slight Swell: negligible
Weather: overcast, occasional showers, cool
Day's Run: 33 nm

On Tuesday Brindabella passed her survey with only a few minor issues to attend to. This means I have a few weeks of free time in which I can sail Sylph and, it being quite some time since we have been for a half decent sail, this morning I decided to shake out the cobwebs. I stowed the dinghy on deck, secured everything down below, took off the sail covers, started the engine (still having some issues with air in the fuel line), cast off the dock lines and at 1100 proceeded to sea.
It could only to be a short sail as I have to be back in Adelaide this Sunday, so we have limited our venture to a jog across the Gulf of St Vincent to Port Vincent. The light to moderate NW'ly wind had Sylph close hauled on the starboard tack most of the way, but moving at a comfortable five to six knots and we rounded the beacon marking the shallows of Middle Spit at 1650. We continued around the Spit and sailed onto one of the RSAYS's moorings, however, when I examined the tides I found that the water depth was going to be too shallow and that we would be aground for several hours as the tide ebbed. It seems strange to me that the Squadron would lay moorings in such shallow water and I wondered whether I had made a mistake, but on double checking everything I concluded that my calculations were correct. Consequently we slipped the mooring and motored a short distance to the north to anchor in deeper water.
Now we have settled, the sails are stowed, the anchor light is burning, Oli has had a good brushing, and a curry is simmering on the stove top.
All is well.