Splashed . but ...

Where Next?
Bob Williams
Wed 30 Mar 2011 04:39

Moored Apataki Carenage
Wind: East nor' east, F3 Gentle breeze
Weather: Sunny, warm

We have made it back into the water OK with only one minor glitch. As the hydraulic trailer was picking Sylph up the forward support slipped a little. No drama at the time but when I got Sylph to her mooring I donned a mask, jumped over the side and inspected her bottom. Sure enough, where the forward trestle had slipped the anti-fouling paint had been rubbed off. Bother!

I later went ashore to discuss this with Alfred and Pauline, the owners of the carenage and they were already aware of the problem as their son, Tony, had inspected Sylph as she came off the trailer. We have agreed on a solution - Sylph is to be hauled back out on Thursday, I will touch up the damaged paint and then we will put her back in later in the afternoon.  A bit of a nuisance but hopefully that is all, and pretty trivial in the overall scheme of things, if indeed a scheme of any kind actually exists, which I very much doubt, which is actually great because that means the idea freedom might not be a total illusion after all, ie we all get to be co-participants in creating the reality around us.

All is well.