Havannah Island

Where Next?
Bob Williams
Thu 8 Aug 2019 08:15

Position: 18 50.071 S  146 31.850 E
At anchor off Havannah Island
Wind: East,  F3 gentle breeze
Sea: slight  Swell: negligible
Weather: mostly sunny, warm
Day’s run: 14 nm

This morning there was no wind, so, rather than getting under way, we launched the dinghy and rowed ashore for a leg stretch and a swim. However, as it was low tide and the water was pretty murky, going for a swim off the beach did not look that appealing, so we decided to give it a miss. Back on board, we sailed from anchor just after midday, hauling in the sheets to the gentle north east breeze.  We remained close hauled on the starboard tack for the afternoon.  The seas were slight and the swell was negligible so, despite the light winds, Sylph was able to maintain a respectable four knots right up until coming under the lee of Havannah Island just after 1500. As there is an anchorage off the island’s western point, we decided to start the engine and motor the remaining distance. We have had to anchor pretty close to the beach in order to find a good depth but the forecast for tonight is for light airs, so hopefully we will be comfortable for the night.

Once secured at anchor, Kate and I wasted no time rowing ashore and having a wander down the beach. Unfortunately, the beauty of the beach was marred by quite a bit of human detritus, including a laundry bag with a name tag on it, one Michael Chilby. Give me a hoy Richard if you want it back.

Unlike Herald Island, the waters here were much clearer and, being high tide, wading into the water was a much more attractive proposition, so we made up for this mornings lack of aquatic activities with a nice long dip.  Now, once more back on board, it is time for dinner.

All is well.