Blow's Over

Where Next?
Bob Williams
Thu 6 Jun 2019 09:19

Noon Position: 34 46.9 S  150 54.2 E
Course: NNE  Speed: 4.5 knots
Wind: SSW, F4 – moderate breeze
Sea: moderate. Swell: SE 3 meters
Weather: sunny, mild
Day’s run: 21 nm

We have been holed up in Hole in the Wall for the past several days waiting for a nasty blow to pass. We were fortunate to have made our way here on Jervis Bay’s southern shore when we did because by the evening of our arrival on Saturday, all but one of the moorings were taken.  We probably had the best one, tucked in close to the shore with a little bit of reef protecting us from the west. Another boat that we had met on our travels, ‘Déjà vu’, also pulled in early the next morning, taking the last mooring. So, despite the lousy weather, with Interlude and Deja vu, and a new friend, ‘Ponyo’ (a very tidy little 27 footer) to share the bay with, we have had quite an enjoyable time of it. However, the northern end of the bay did not have such a good time. Yesterday Ponyo’s skipper, Gary, showed me a photo of three boats that had broken from their moorings and ended up on the beach at Callala. Clearly conditions at the other end of Jervis Bay were not so pleasant.

This morning, with conditions moderating and the swell having settled somewhat but still sufficient breeze to blow Sylph along and over them, I slipped the mooring and set sail for Wollongong.  I am back to single handing for this short leg as Kate had to go ahead of me by land to sort out some land lubber business. Thus far its proven a pleasant sail with a steady breeze, the sun shining and a moderate and relatively even swell. We should arrive back in Wollongong Boat Harbour just on sunset.

All is well.