Lost in Port Phillip

Where Next?
Bob Williams
Sun 18 Sep 2011 11:56
At anchor Hudsons Bay
Wind: South, F3 gentle Breeze
Weather: Sunny, cool

I haven't updated my blog for a while mainly because nothing of interest has happened. Today I took Mark and his family, including Michael and Jadzia (Monica's parents) for a short sail. It was a perfect day for it, sunny, a gentle breeze and the temperature mild. Young Archer, who is now over twice as old as he was when I arrived here a few weeks ago, and who has also almost doubled in size, or so it seems, slept soundly through the whole sail; Isabella found the motion very exciting and laughed while she tried to maintain her balance, in the overall scheme of things a relatively new skill for her. But really the only point of note was me getting lost on the way back to the marina. It seems I can find my way around the world but recognising the difference between Brighton and Sandringham is a bit of a challenge, even with a very polite hint from Michael. How embarrassing! Nonetheless a pleasant day was enjoyed by all.

All is well.