Cairns, but not for long, I hope

Where Next?
Bob Williams
Mon 9 Sep 2019 02:49

Position: 16 55.02 S   145 47.22 E
At anchor Trinity Inlet, Cairns
Wind: SE  F4 moderate breeze
Sea: calm  Swell: negligible
Weather: sunny, warm
Day’s run: 35 nm

While Cairns was not my preferred option yesterday, that is where we have ended up. At sunset we found ourselves within a few miles of the inlet and, with the seas abating in behind Cape Grafton, we decided to head into Trinity Inlet to anchor for the night rather than continue punching to windward. The tide was high and flooding as we approached which meant we could take a short cut over the shallow mud flats that extend a couple of miles out from the shore, thus saving quite a bit of time. We had to dodge a couple of large dredges working overtime to keep the shipping channel from turning into aforementioned mudflats, then we handed sail, motored up into the channel and nosed around the mud banks opposite the Marlin Marina to find a spot where we could anchor among the numerous other boats at anchor here.

At 1925 I let go the anchor in 20 feet of water off the entrance to Hills Creek.

Today the plan is to head ashore, get a few more supplies (in particular some more cat food), then this evening, when the winds are forecast to ease a bit, sail to Fitzroy Island where we will wait for another break in the south-east trade winds.

All is well.