The Wooden Boat Show

Where Next?
Bob Williams
Sun 10 Feb 2013 07:53
At anchor Cornelian Bay, Hobart
Wind:  Southeast F4-5 moderate to fresh breeze
Weather: Mostly cloudy, cool
The last couple of days I have toured the boat show. There were of course lots of wooden boats on display, and the show attracted quite a few people I know from around Australia, so it was also a good opportunity to catch up. But, not being a wooden boat owner myself, I do not quite fit in with many of the enthusiasts the festival attracts. I love wooden boats, they can be beautiful creations, but with the sort of sailing I like to do, combined with my at time less than completely thorough approach to cruising, I would feel very vulnerable in the average wooden boat. 
Sylph will do.
Lots of boats (all wooden):
Some bloke from Geelong built this – a replica of a medieval cog:
And the band plays on:
For me the highlight, the James Craig:
Ironically made of . . .  iron:
More bloody wooden boats:
All is well.