WPR 33 – Topsides and Bottom Painted

Where Next?
Bob Williams
Sun 18 Oct 2020 07:05

There is not much to write about this week but we have completed two major jobs (despite the yard manager’s best efforts to throw a spanner in the works): the topsides are painted and the bottom has been given a fresh coat of antifouling. Now that Sylph is almost ready to return to the water, we have started cleaning her up and restowing gear on board. As mentioned last week, a myriad of jobs remain to be done, such as painting the decks and finishing off some interior trim, but these can be completed when Sylph is back in the water.

Meanwhile, I will let a couple of photos tell the rest of this week’s story.



And I should note that Kate, as always, has been an amazing helpmate.

All is well.