Away Again

Where Next?
Bob Williams
Mon 25 Jul 2011 05:18
Position: 2 nm East of Cape Hawke
Course: South Speed: 4 knots

North nor' east, F3 gentle breeze
Mostly sunny, mild

We weighed anchor this morning a little after low water, the stream was still ebbing which helped carry us out of the harbour (a good thing as there was very little wind), but the water level would soon be rising so just in case we found a shallow spot on our way out I knew we would not have to wait long to be free again. As it turned out we had plenty of water all the way out of the harbour though one never really knows with these tidal estuaries and their oft times very mobile sand bars. I managed to sail most of the way out the harbour but right at the entrance we lost what little wind there was, lost steerage way and started to drift towards the southern breakwater. Not to worry, I had the engine ticking over, charging the batteries, for such an eventuality so kicked her into gear and the old Yanmar soon had us out into deep water and clear of any hazards. But still no wind. I set some sail in a fit of optimism but after rolling around for a bit and overhearing the volunteer marine rescue station talking about Sylph as a yacht flopping around out there still in sight of us to someone, I dropped sail and waited for some wind.

The wind has now arrived and we are running wing on wing before a light northerly. The wind vane is still not quite right, tending to pull off to one side, but I have got it holding a course for now, so an improvement – I think.

Sydney is about 120 miles away, with a little luck I reckon we should be there somnetime late tomorrow or early Wednesday.

All is well.