Light Winds

Where Next?
Bob Williams
Fri 27 Jun 2008 16:39
Noon Position: 52 05.8 N 051 02.8 W
Course: Northwest Speed: 2 knots
Wind: Northeast, gentle breeze
Weather: Overcast
Day's Run: 82 miles

A ridge of high pressure has extended down from Labrador coast, consequently
we are experiencing very light winds and its going to get worse before it
gets better. Overnight the wind has been light from the north east, Sylph
has been struggling to keep her head up into it, so we have made a lot of
westing, but looking at the forecast that is OK, we will need to be to the
west of here to pick up what looks like some nice southerlies developing in
a couple of days - and more fog no doubt, and there is probably more chance
of encountering icebergs to the west, and it would be good to get clear of
the Labrador Current; where did my Ee-ore doll go? In the meantime we will
make the most of what we have. Right now the mainsail is on borderline of
coming down, it's flogging every now and again, enough to be a nuisance and
cause the skipper wear and tear anxiety, but still providing some drive. I
generally put up with it until my nerves can't stand it anymore, which will
probably be very soon.
Bob Cat is back on deck, which means he is on the settee sleeping. I think
he is too busy to make a contribution today, perhaps needs to assimilate the
experiences of the past 24 hours to integrate them into his life philosophy,
unchanged I'd say.

All is well.