Arrived Newcastle

Where Next?
Bob Williams
Tue 12 Nov 2019 07:50

Position: 32 55.49 S   151 46.38 E
Alongside Honeysuckle Marina
Wind: NW, F5 strong breeze
Sea: slight.  Swell: Nil
Weather: clear, hot
Day’s run: 96 nm

We had a good run down the coast, rounding Point Stephens 2200 for the last leg into Newcastle Harbour. I had chosen to remain close into the coast so as to avoid the stronger winds offshore; however, it would seem that I overcorrected as around 0200 the wind fell light and fickle with the breeze actually doing a 180 and coming from the south despite forecasts for fresh  northerlies. I gybed then worked our way further out until the breeze shifted back into the north nor’ west a half hour later. At 0400 we ducked and weaved around a few large ships departing Newcastle Harbour then motored into Honeysuckle Marina (what an awful name!) where we tied up at 0446.

All is well.