Light Winds

Where Next?
Bob Williams
Sun 14 Mar 2021 23:55
Noon Position: 36 40.8 S  176 00.5 E
Course: WNW  Speed: 3 knots
Wind: S, F3   Sea: slight   Swell: E 1 m
Weather: sunny, warm
Day’s run: 142 nm

Overnight we made it across the wide expanse of the Bay of Plenty and we are now approaching the Mercury Islands. We continued to enjoy fresh breezes with the odd rain squall thrown in to add a bit of interest but, while Sylph posted another very satisfactory day’s run, winds have now turned light and we are only just making good three knots with the wind behind us and the sails slatting occasionally as Sylph rolls to the easterly swell.

Given that winds will be light tonight and there seems little point motoring if we do not need to, my plan is to go to anchor off Great Mercury Island this afternoon, then continue on to Great Barrier Island tomorrow.

All is well.