Fair Winds & Followng Seas.

Where Next?
Bob Williams
Thu 28 Aug 2008 16:49
Noon Position: 43 58.3 N 063 01.4 W
Course: Southwest Speed: 5 ½ knots
Wind: Northeast, moderate breeze
Weather: Overcast
Day's Run: 112 miles

A whole 24 hours with the wind behind us, hooray! Though I must be getting
old as we only got 112 miles out of it. I admit I tend to leave the reefs
in a bit longer these days and probably sleep a bit more. BC is rubbing off
on me. At the moment we have one reef in the main and part of the jib
rolled up. I could set full sail but figured with a strong wind warning out
for this evening I would leave things as they are for now, we are still
doing a respectable 5 knots plus.

All is well.

Bob Cat:

The skipper has a copy of The Universal Declaration of Human Rights on
board, and in between my very tight schedule I have managed a quick perusal
of it, but nowhere can I find the Universal Declaration for Feline Rights.
There has to be a law somewhere! This medieval "whack" the skipper has me
on cannot be legal.
I need to conserve myself. How much longer?