Transit Obscured

Where Next?
Bob Williams
Wed 6 Jun 2012 06:06
1500 Position: 35 27.4 S 137 32.8 E
Course: West Speed 6.5 knots
Wind: South east F5, fresh breeze
Weather: partly cloudy, cool
Distance run: 27 nm

Today dawned overcast but, at last, calm and at slack water, a little after
10 am, with just a light breeze picking up I started Sylph's engine, cast
off the web of lines that has held us securely to the wharf over the last
few days and motored out the channel. Once in deep water I hoisted the
mainsail with one reef, the wind outside being significantly fresher then
that in the shelter of the inlet, and then allowed Sylph to jog along to the
north while I stowed the numerous lines and fenders and generally ensured
she was ready for sea. Once done we set the jib and bore away to the north
west, not exactly the direction I want to go in but the direction in which the wind
is blowing so I figure I may as well go that way for now. Once we had
rounded Marsden Point we gybed and are now running wing on wing to the west.
I might go and explore Spencer Gulf for a bit until the wind shifts
to a more favourable direction, probably Friday.

My day has been mostly overcast, so didn't get to sight the transit if
Venus. I believe James Cook didn't have much luck observing Venus either.

RC seems to be coping with life at sea OK.

All is well.