Mostly Calms

Where Next?
Bob Williams
Mon 30 Jun 2014 01:43
Noon position: 46 47.2 N 158 49.3 E
Course: North east Speed 3.8 knots
Wind: South east F3 gentle breeze
Weather: overcast, cool
Day's run: 45 nm (58 miles sailed/drifted)

We were becalmed for much of last night with not even enough wind to keep the light weight drifter drawing. However, this morning the wind has filled in gradually from the south east. I believe that we are now to the west of the high pressure ridge and starting to come under the influence of the low to the south of us. Certainly the swells are coming from that direction and have taken on a more uniform shape, a sure sign of a low in that general direction. I expect that from here the winds will gradually increase and back into the north east, so for now my plan remains to stay close hauled on the starboard tack and allow Sylph to fall away to the north as we are headed. This will help us to make as much easting as possible but will also take us away from the low pressure system, which looks like it should pass well to the south of us.

After a few days of head winds, with a little luck, another high will come through and re-establish more of a south westerly flow which will take us to the Aleutians. Then again it does rather look like a strong low pressure pattern is developing just to the south of the Aleutains and may well decide to hang around for a while. If it does then we could be chugging to windward for quite a few days. All part of the fun of crossing oceans in a small sailing boat.

All is well.