Drifting Along

Where Next?
Bob Williams
Wed 6 Aug 2008 17:51
I think this one went missing also:

Date: 6 August 08
Noon Position: 65 33.4 N 055 44.8 W
Course: South Speed: 2 knots
Wind: North northwest, light breeze
Weather: overcast, low cloud (fog?)
Daily run: 95 miles

The wind has eased considerably and now we are running before what's left of
it, under drifter and jib - the mainsail slats around too much in these
light conditions, one of the few disadvantages of a fully battened mainsail.
Still haven't seen any icebergs for the last couple of days, I keep my
fingers crossed that we won't with luck for the rest of this trip, awe
inspiring as they are, when passage making single handed they're a bloody
nuisance. The light winds are welcome, while my main object now is to make
as much distance as quickly as possible the slow periods, again when single
handing, provide a valuable opportunity to catch up on sleep, and I don't do
too well when suffering from sleep deprivation, tend to get a tad grumpy,
time for Bob Cat to spend time in his private study. Actually he is very
good, when I am ranting and raving at the wind (or more generally the lack
thereof), or some other thing that isn't going the way I would like, he is
pretty unflappable, pretty much takes no notice, which generally has a
rather calming effect - probably a very good example there. On the other
hand he's a pretty good grizzler himself. When he wants something, boy
doesn't he half let me know, sticks his face right up to mine and lets out
the most awful "meerrraarrrggghhhf"!

Well as you can see, not much to say today.

Bob Cat:

Told you he was crazy, what I have been saying all along, everyone should
just get a whole lot more sleep. Well as Gandhi said, "If you want to
change the world, be the change you want to see." Yawn, .

All is well.