On the Hard Again

Where Next?
Bob Williams
Tue 11 Feb 2020 07:02

Position:  35 44.4 S  174 20.3 E
Hardstand, Dockland 5, Whangarei
Weather: sunny, warm

We hauled out yesterday as planned and are now ensconced beside our tin shed at Dockland 5. Today I got stuck into removing the quarter berth furniture and de-rusting the plates under the bunk. Over the weekend, with the assistance of Jon from New Zealand Maid, I had purchased a compressor and some air tools to make the de-rusting job a little easier. Thus far the air chisel is proving very effective at removing the rust scale though Kate and Oli are not at all impressed with the amount of noise I am making. The short-term solution appears to be to purchase an old station wagon which we can put Oli in when the noise levels on board are a bit excessive.

All is well.


Hull under quarter berth stripped and almost ready for a coat of paint:


Sylph beside her workshop/storage shed:


Kate’s first project – stripping and varnishing the tiller:


Just so there’s no confusion as to whose shed it is: