Where Next?
Bob Williams
Sat 6 Apr 2019 05:28

Position: 40 59.26 S  145 44.0 E
Alongside Fisherman’s Wharf, Wynyard
Wind: WSW,  F5 – fresh breeze
Sea: slight. Swell: NW 2m
Weather: mostly sunny, cool
Day’s run:  25 nm

We have enjoyed our stay in the picturesque town of Stanley but this morning the wind at last eased and shifted into the west, favourable for us to continue on our way. For our next nearest port of call we had set our sights on Wynyard, situated at the mouth of the River Inglis. The entrance is shallow so we needed the tide to get in.  High water was at 1330 and Wynyard was 25 nm distant.  At five knots that would require a departure time of around 0800, so this morning I had my alarm set for 6.30 to allow us to get away at first light.  As we got clear of the Stanley peninsular, the wind freshened and we ran before it at a comfortable six knots, arriving off Wynyard at 1300.  The charts of the entrance are totally inadequate, but Kate had done some research talking to various local fishing people and had determined that the entrance was well marked and that we would have sufficient water to get in.

And thus has proven to be the case.  At 1318 we secured alongside the wharf after a pleasant sail and an incident free entry into the river.

All is well.