Shoreside Week Five

Where Next?
Bob Williams
Mon 1 Aug 2022 03:00
Position: Alongside RSAYS, Outer Harbour, Adelaide
Weather: sunny, windy and cool

Not a lot has been achieved this week with respect to work on Sylph. Most of Monday and part of Thursday was taken up with some volunteer work for the club doing some renovations on the heads and showers located on the north bank of the yacht basin. I figure that as a new member of the RSAYS it is important to contribute to the volunteer work that helps keep the communal spirit of the club alive.
Meanwhile, we still await for the engine block to be honed before we can begin to rebuild the BRM and the latest information is that it won't be completed until later this week at the earliest. On the rigging side I have spliced an eye in the ends of the new Dyneema rope and it is now being stretched out on the dock between some cleats with the help of a come-along puller, but I cannot progress the installation of the lower shroud any further until I have purchased some turnbuckle forks to replace the swaged wire fittings, and I cannot purchase the turnbuckle forks until the proprietor of the rigging service returns from Europe next week. And I cannot progress the new forestay until next week for the same reason. Still, there are plenty of other jobs to do while I wait, though these delays mean that Sylph will remained tied up alongside a little longer than I was hoping. We shall just have to make the most of our compulsory shore time.
And my sister, Jenny, and her husband, Colin, have helped in this regard by hosting a family feast at her place yesterday celebrating Sylph's successful non-stop circumnavigation. With Colin as the head chef, a magnificent Indian themed feast was enjoyed by the family and some of Jenny's neighbours. Thank you Jenny and Colin.
Given that we cannot progress any of the more critical jobs to get Sylph sailing again, this week I will attend to some routine maintenance items, such as servicing the winches and, if the weather allows, a bit of painting.
All is well.