Destination Robinson Crusoe Island

Where Next?
Bob Williams
Thu 28 Oct 2010 23:41

Position: 33 21.4 S 072 02.8 W
Course: West-ish Speed:
Wind South F2 gentle breeze
Weather: A bit of everything
Days Run: 41 miles

With everything in order, and a new headsail just itching to be tried out, we got away from the marina at 10 O’clock. Outside the wind was very light, I motored for a few miles to ensure we were clear of any dangers and then, with a light air from the east I set the drifter which pulled us a long at a respectable three knots. A couple of hours later we were clearing the headland that protects Valparaiso and the wind began to fill in a little: up mainsail, down drifter and, with a drum roll and fanfare, out rolled the new headsail. Now we were on a nice beam reach and chugging along at six and half knots. During the course of the afternoon the wind slowly backed and freshened and at 4 a trough passed over. Initially the wind picked up and forced me to put in a reef and partially furl the genoa. This new sail is slightly bigger then the old one and I suspect it is not going to hold its shape as well when I partially furl it. We shall see.

Another two hours later and the trough had brought rain and lost its wind - down mainsail, down jib and up drifter. Now there is a very light breeze from the south, the wind vane seems to be just keeping Sylph roughly on course but we aren’t going anywhere. We are feeling the current pushing us north.

All is well.

Bob Cat:

It ahs been mostly a pleasant day, I was able to catch some sunshine out on the patio but then things became a bit hectic so have now retreated back inside. I think we might be at sea, the skipper is wearing a funny light on his head. No tuna. … zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz