Coconut Departs

Where Next?
Bob Williams
Sun 5 Dec 2021 12:25
Position: Alongside RSAYS
Weather: Sunny, light to moderate SW winds, warm
Today Mark Sinclair made his departure from Adelaide in his Lilo34, Coconut, to complete the Chichester division of the Golden Globe Race 2018 after a three year stop-over in Adelaide. We of course accompanied him part of the way down the Gulf of St Vincent with a bunch of other boats from the Yacht Squadron, turning back at about 1400 after making sure he was well on his way.
Meanwhile preparations continue apace to get Sylph ready for her departure on Tuesday 14 December. By then Coconut should have a good head start and provide us with something of a challenge to catch up with her by the time she gets to the Horn.
Sadly, due to the obstinacy of ‘The Department’, one of the preparations for our departure has been to find a temporary shore berth for the ship’s cat, Oli; however, I am pleased to report that the third option has come to fruition, namely that Kate’s brother, Ross, has agreed to look after him while I am away. Thank you Ross. I am very grateful. I would much rather have taken him with me but, given The Department’s determination, I figure it is far better to face Cape Horn alone than to incur The Department’s wrath.
Much remains on my ‘to do’ list but I am confident that we will have it sufficiently together by our  departure date.
All is well.
Coconut takes her departure: