Shore Time - with photos

Where Next?
Bob Williams
Thu 3 Oct 2013 10:14
Position:  18 22.26 S   146 12.17 E
At anchor Brammo Bay, Dunk Island
Wind:  north east,  F3 light breeze
Sea:  slight     Swell:  negligible
Weather:  sunny, warm.
Day’s run:   34 Nm
At last, we have managed to get ashore. 
This morning, as has been the pattern over the last several days, was a flat calm for a few hours before the sun’s rays had warmed the earth enough for the sea breeze to kick in.  Consequently, we started the day motoring out of the Hinchinbrook Channel until eleven o’clock, when, as we approached the northern entrance to the channel, a breeze could be felt to which we set sail and shut down the engine.  As the afternoon wore on the wind freshened and we were soon making good time towards our next destination, Dunk Island.  We came to anchor in Brammo Bay just before four, which allowed time enough to row ashore, go for a walk along the beach, go for a swim, and we even found a shower with hot and cold running water.  Hooray!
Now it is time for dinner.
All is well.
Hinchinbrook calm:
Sailing, Hinchinbrook astern:
Dunk Island ahead:
Shore time:
Pallon Beach:
One of the locals: