Mainsail Blues

Where Next?
Bob Williams
Fri 12 Feb 2010 22:40

Alongside Ushuaia
Wind: Calm
Weather: Sunny, mild

Received some bad news in yesterday’s emails, the new mainsail will not be ready until March 15 and I would guess that this is an optimistic estimate. So now I have to do a it of a rethink as to what next. I do not want to push on up the Chilean Channels with this old mainsail as I very much doubt it will make the distance, in fact I reckon I have been lucky having gotten this far with it. Further, it will be simpler, cheaper and safer to have it shipped within Argentina, I suspect once we try to ship it across borders we are likely to have all sorts of problems. On the other hand I definitely do not want to hang around Ushuaia for the next month or so growing stale and unhappy. So what to do. While not in the original itinerary it seems to me that Cape Horn beckons.

Today, some sunshine therefore out come the paint pots. Always good to get rid of some rust spots.

And my social life improved today, a three year old, Mia and her doll came and helped me clean some mats.  She has sailed to Antartica four times but she only spoke French and Spanish so unfortunately I  was unable to take full advantage of her experience and discuss the finer points of her achievements.

All is well.


Bob Cat:

The V berth is back in commission, and what a wonderful roomy place to sleep it is, especially when the skipper is warming it up for me. Otherwise snoozing in the sunshine in the cockpit has its charm, though just now a boat behind us is making lots of noise with chains and things, so back below. It seems like there is always something trying to disrupt my . . . Zzzzzzzzz.