More Waiting

Where Next?
Bob Williams
Mon 5 Apr 2021 07:12
Position: 35 46.86 S  174 27.14 E
At anchor Parua Bay, Whangarei Harbour
Wind: SW, F3   Sea: calm   Swell: nil
Weather: partly cloudy, mild

While waiting for the various packages to arrive, we have completed a bit of maintenance. We have de-rusted and painted the starboard cockpit coaming and rail, made a new bunk board for the quarter berth, and made some cushions for the starboard settee berth lee cloth. Having completed those jobs we took a bit of a break from chipping, sanding, painting and sewing and over the Easter weekend went for a bit of a sail, including some time with friends, Tex and Yalanda, on their boat Tusk.

Now we have ended up at anchor in Parua Bay which is a bit of a change from the Hatea River. Also, the water is a lot cleaner, at least it looks a lot cleaner being closer to blue than brown in colour, so I feel more comfortable having a short swim of a morning. I have no real idea how much longer we will be stuck here waiting for boots and things so we will just try to make the most of things while we are stuck here.

All is well.