Wednesday 27 August – Where Next ?

Where Next?
Bob Williams
Thu 28 Aug 2014 02:34
Alongside St Paul Harbor, Kodiak
Weather: rain, cool

I got the genset back from the Honda mechanic yesterday and it appears to be in working order. Hooray (and touch wood)! Now I am just waiting on one package from Amazon (a book) to arrive which that marvel of modern technology, the internet, tells me arrived in Kodiak today and will be delivered to the harbour master's office tomorrow. The only other thing that is playing on my mind is that ideally I would like to inspect Sylph's hull sometime soon. The propeller probably needs a clean and I can see some growth along her keel where all the anti-fouling paint was scraped off after I ran over a fishing net back in Japan. Also there is still a bare patch of metal near the bow that I discovered while diving on the hull way back in Guam that needs attention. And finally, there is some wasted metal that I have discovered in the bilge that I want to take a closer look at with Sylph out of the water.

It had been my plan to head down to Victoria BC for the northern winter and then haul the boat come spring, but now I am thinking of taking my time a little more up this way, as I know myself well enough that I am unlikely to return this way when there are new unexplored horizons beckoning. So, given the list of things above, this has led me to think that it might be a good idea to haul Sylph out sooner than I was previously thinking, as the weather is just going to deteriorate quite rapidly from here. I investigated hauling out here in Kodiak but the hard stand area is not set up for yachts and a cradle would have to be custom built for Sylph – expensive. There is what is called a grid here, which are some beams set up adjacent some piles, designed for a boat to come over the top of at high water, then to sit on as the tide goes out. This would be alright if I only wanted to scrape a few barnacles off, but I suspect that once I have inspected the hull I will almost certainly want to haul out. Furthermore, the beams are spaced at 10 foot intervals and are covered with plastic, so they are likely to be a little slippery such that there is a real risk that Sylph might slip on them and topple over, not something I want to consider too seriously.

Just today, Jenny from 'Bosun Bird' suggested that I go to Seward to haul out as she believes that the yard there is set up to be able to keep the more complex curves of a yacht upright, so for now I am pursuing this option to see if it is a possible.

As I write a low pressure system is passing through. Consequently it is overcast and raining; good weather for staying put. My date of departure from Kodiak keeps on slipping, but maybe Friday will be good for getting back to sea. Then again, there is the rodeo on this weekend.

All is well.