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Bob Williams
Thu 20 Jan 2022 21:44
Noon Position: 46 48.5 S 126 03.1 W
Course: E Speed: 6 knots
Wind: S, F4 Sea: slight
Swell: SW, 2 meters
Weather: overcast, cool
Day's Run: 147 nm

I managed to fix the AIS antenna yesterday and last night Wayne reported that he is seeing Sylph's position coming up on 'Marine Traffic', so I am pleased about that especially as we are getting much closer to Coconut. Based on Mark's estimated position, we think Coconut and Sylph must now be within 40nm of one another. Unfortunately, due to overcast conditions Mark has not been able to obtain a good position for a few days. Consequently his estimated position is exactly that, an estimate based on dead reckoning.
In order to better coordinate a rendezvous Mark and I have started an extra radio schedule at 0000 UTC (1500 Sylph time). I suspect the key to a successful rendezvous will be for me to not let Sylph get ahead of Coconut until Mark can get a more reliable position. Then I can manoeuvre Sylph to within AIS range. Given that both Sylph's and Coconut's AIS antennas are mounted low down at coach house level the range will probably only be about six miles, but once within AIS range it will be relatively easy to close to visual (which won't be much less than AIS range) and hailing range, subject to weather of course.
After yesterday afternoon's discussion, Mark and I decided to head SE overnight to try to avoid the light winds associated with a high pressure system at around 44S. We are hoping that we might thus be able to remain within a W'ly airstream to its south. Sylph is now at 46 50 S heading east to remain north of the GGR18 47S boundary, running wing-on-wing with a light SW'ly breeze.
I am hoping that Coconut is still somewhere nearby. I have tried calling on VHF which should have a range in the order of 20nm or more, but at this stage have had no reply. Hopefully Mark will have been able to reduce a more accurate position in time for this afternoon's sked.
All is well.