St Kilda

Where Next?
Bob Williams
Tue 26 Jun 2012 02:21

Position: 37 51 58 S 144 57.78 E
At anchor off St Kilda
Wind: SE F3, gentle breeze
Weather: partly cloudy, cool

After a short but pleasant sojourn at the posh Sandringham Yacht Club, which allowed me to achieve the goal of seeing family on Friday night with, given the winds for the past few days, a peaceful mind, I thought it high time to try and conserve a little of the cruising kitty and return to anchor, now that the wind has eased. (Just messing around here trying to imitate Proust's sentence structure, sub-clause within sub-clause – it takes quite a bit of unravelling at times.) Currently the wind is still in the south east, consequently we have anchored just to the north of the St Kilda breakwater. Tomorrow it will back around into the north so in the morning we will move back over to Hobsons Bay.

All is well.