The Equatorial Crawl

Where Next?
Bob Williams
Fri 20 Dec 2013 03:29
Noon Position: 00 53.0 S 154 15.3 E
Course: North Speed: 2.5 knot
Wind: East, F2 light breeze
Sea: calm Swell: North east 1 meters
Weather: mostly sunny, hot and humid
Day’s run: 19 nm sailed

The figure for the day's run pretty much says it all, a mere 19 miles. As we approach the equator we have literally slowed to a crawl. We made most of the miles during the night when we had just enough wind to carry the drifter from midnight 'til dawn. For much of the forenoon we drifted on a clam sea with only the movement of a long swell keeping us cognisant of being at sea. Just before noon a light breeze allowed me to set some sail, but it is fitful and I suspect we will be back to drifting before long.

Nonetheless we continue to make ground to the north. Our degree of latitude now reads zero, even if the suffix remains 'S'. With luck we will be able to change it to 'N' sometime late tomorrow. Once in the northern hemisphere I expect it will not be long before we start to pick up the north east trades and will once more be bouncing across waves in a flurry of spray.

All is well.