Land Fall Australia

Where Next?
Bob Williams
Thu 2 Jun 2016 03:09
Noon Position: 32 47.8 S 152 34.4 E
Course: South Speed: 4 knots
Wind: West Sou’ West, F3 – gentle breeze
Sea: slight Swell: South 2 meters
Weather: overcast
Day’s run: 102 nm

Yesterday afternoon, much to my surprise, we raised land – Australia; more specifically, one of the Brother Mountains in the vicinity of Laurieton on the Camden Haven River, some forty miles away. Since then we have made much better time down the coast than I expected, largely thanks to some assistance from the East Australia Current, perhaps as much as two knots, plus the winds have been a little more consistent than expected, and Sylph’s cut down ‘cutter’ rig has performed better in the light winds than I had anticipated. So, all in all, we are doing pretty well with less than a hundred miles to go to Sydney. Now the big question is will we make it in time to clear in before overtime charges kick in tomorrow afternoon. Unfortunately, the next day or so will be light winds, so most likely not. My plan then is, once we do get to Sydney, to go to anchor just inside the Heads and wait until Monday.

One minor problem I have is that we are running very low on satellite phone
minutes. I have ordered a top up but have perhaps put it off a little late
(I was hoping to be in by now and not to have needed them). Unfortunately
they have not come through yet and now I do not expect them to come through
until tomorrow sometime, consequently there is a good chance that I will go
off the air for a short period. So, please, do not be concerned if my blog
does not get updated over the next day or so. I will do so as soon as
possible and, with a little luck, it will be to report our arrival in

90 miles to go.

All is well.