Computer Problems

Where Next?
Bob Williams
Fri 4 Dec 2009 17:45
Noon Position: 27 27.8 S 044 04.0 W
Course: Southwest. Speed: 4 knots
Wind: South F4/5 - moderate to fresh breeze
Weather: Overcast, mild
Day's Run: 75 nm

Our headwinds have arrived. While trying to solve my computer issues yesterday afternoon with little success (this computer is still doing weird and wonderful things as I try to type) I eventually gave up and had a look around on deck. A small popple on the otherwise calm sea surface indicated some wind. It was light but sufficient for the sails to fill and have us moving. As evening wore on the wind has freshened and we are now punching into the seas under reduced sail. We are not quite making the desired heading but that is OK, we have lost the south setting Brazil current and if we stay offshore will soon encounter the north setting Falklands current which would not be helpful. If we head inshore hopefully we will be able to avoid it, or maybe even pick up a countercurrent. In fact just a little south of here that first great single hander ran aground just on the Brazil/Uruguay border while sailing a little too close to the coast trying to avoid the same current. We shall try not to do the same thing
Last evening just as it was getting dark I heard a crash from the galley, looking up from "War and Peace" I saw that the stove had broken free from one of its mounts. On inspection it turned out that one of the gimbals had sawed through from the continuous swinging to and fro. In hindsight I thought perhaps I should have locked the stove from swinging in its gimbals when not being used. I have managed to do some temporary repairs which should get us to Uruguay where I can do something a bit more permanent.
The wind seems to be freshening some more, might have to put a second reef in soon.
All is well.

Bob Cat:
Back to the chart table last night, now the settee. We are leaning over quite a bit and it is getting rather noisy, lots of thumping and crashing. But I take it all in m stride - easy .. Zzzzzz.