Day 92 – Light Head Winds

Where Next?
Bob Williams
Tue 15 Mar 2022 10:59
Noon Position: 42 49.0 S 030 11.9 E
Course: S Speed: 2 knots
Wind: ESE, F3 Sea: slight
Swell: WSW 3 m
Weather: cloudy, cool
Day’s Run: 137nm (127nm Easting)

The wind has gradually backed into the SE and eased to a gentle breeze. We close reached for the night with one reef in the mainsail while the wind was still fresh from the south and with the backing wind have ended up a little north of yesterday’s noon latitude though still making plenty of easting. Prince Edward Islands now lay 400 miles to the SE and are becoming an increasing detour to the main game of rounding Amsterdam Island. Still, we are very unlikely to be down this way again so I think a bit of a detour would be worthwhile just to catch a glimpse of these rarely visited islands. To that end, just after midday, with the wind in the ESE, I have tacked and we are now close hauled on the port tack heading south. Heading south will also increase our chances of finding more favourable winds.
The forecast is for continuing light winds for the next 36 hours. My challenge will be to keep Sylph's sails full and to keep her moving. The direction is not particularly important. What is important is preventing unnecessary damage to Sylph’s rig and my nerves. Failing keeping Sylph’s sails full, my next most important goal is to maintain my equanimity, which in light winds and a large swell can be a challenge indeed.
I don’t think we have had a head wind since clearing Backstairs Passage. As long as Sylph's sails are full, I don't mind a light headwind as it is quite a comfortable point of sail.
All is well.