Away Again

Where Next?
Bob Williams
Wed 15 Sep 2010 23:05

20.00 Position: 39 18.0 S 073 44.0 W
Course North Speed 4 knots
Wind: West nor' west, F2-3, gentle breeze
Weather: Partly cloudy, occasional showers, cool
Day’s Run: 40 miles

We got away this morning just before nine with the ebb tide and a light easterly breeze. I think the wind in Bahia Corral must be largely a local wind funnelling out through the two rivers which feed into it, because as soon as we had cleared the bay a little ways we lost it. With a large swell running, steeper then when we had entered Bahia Corral, Sylph rolled badly and the sails slatted horribly, so I dropped them and let Sylph drift while I went and made some crepes for lunch. This seemed to do the trick, by the time my stomach was bulging with dough a wind had sprung up from the west nor’ west and we making good five knots into it. The breeze has eased a little over the last hour, I have my fingers crossed that it won’t get any lighter else we will be drifting and rolling in this here swell again. I expect the winds to remain relatively light over the next couple of days but they should be largely favourable. We have a bit over 200 miles to the next stop, Talcahuano, with no ports of shelter in between, so hope we make it before any adverse weather springs up.

All is well.

Bob Cat:

Truly this abode of ours can get up to some amazing antics. I spent much of today poised on the starboard settee swaying from one side to another, ridiculous, how is a cat supposed to get any work done. Now we are bobbing around a bit, leaning mostly one way, the right way for the starboard berth thank goodness. Hmmm, the skipper is in the galley, maybe I’ll just go and have a look and see if there is any tuna about. Then time to …. zzzzzzzzzzzzz