Even Lighter Winds Continued

Where Next?
Bob Williams
Mon 4 Apr 2016 00:30
Noon position: 07 51.2 S 174 19.5 W
Course: South West Speed: 2.5 knots
Wind: East sou’ east, F2 – Light breeze
Sea: slight Swell: South east 0.5 m, North east 0.5 meter
Weather: mostly sunny, hot
Day’s run: 85 nm

The light winds get lighter, but the seas remain smooth so the sails are managing to extract some drive from the barely perceptible breeze and keep us moving. The mainsail slats a little in the swell, but not with a great deal of force, the swell being long and low, so for now mainsail remains up.

No sea life today, but some plastic floated past, a water bottle and a fishing float, unfortunately a bit too far away to pick up.

756 nm to Fiji.

All is well.