Day 159 – Cooler

Where Next?
Bob Williams
Sat 21 May 2022 07:12
Noon Position: 14 55.9 S 093 34.9 E
Course: SSW Speed: 6.5 knots
Wind: SE Force 4
Sea: moderate Swell: SE 2 m
Weather: mostly sunny, hot
Day’s Run: 148 nm

A quiet 24 hours with little to report.
We continue to close reach to the fresh SE trade wind and have posted a solid day’s run with which I am well pleased. Hopefully we will continue to post similar runs for the next several days, at least until we get down to the horse latitudes again, which I expect we will fall in with at about 26°S.
We remained double reefed overnight but with the wind easing slightly towards dawn we now have the full jib out and one reef in the main. By not coming hard onto the wind we are being set a fair way to the west but I am more than happy to sail a few extra miles for the sake of a bit more comfort and less stress on the crew and rig.
And talking about crew comfort, I am happy to say that the temperature and humidity is approaching something more tolerable. Today’s maximum air temperature was 29.5°, the sea temperature is down to 27.5°, and the humidity is at 74%, down from the mid eighties of a few days ago.
The tropical torpor is starting to fall away.
All is well.