High and Dry

Where Next?
Bob Williams
Fri 2 Jul 2010 01:41
Sylph and BC:  Club Nautico Reloncavi, Puerto Montt, Chile
Bob: Bariloche, Argentina
Weather: rain, snow, cold

Today I have taken a bus trip to Bariloche, Argentina in order to extend my Chilean visa. It would probably have been slightly cheaper to have paid the immigration department their $100 rather than take this two day bus trip across the border, but then I would never have met Daniel, an altruistic US peace worker in an Irish pub here in Bariloche. And as Christophe said he would rather spend the money on a bus trip then on some bureaucrat applying a rubber stamp to one’s passport.

This is the first night I have been off Sylph since I cannot remember, but well over a year.

BC has been left to his own devices for 36 hours or so - plenty of food and water but no heater.

All is well.

Bob Cat: