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Bob Williams
Tue 14 Jul 2015 04:34

This evening I was pondering my situation with respect to getting a visa for the USA and it occurred to me that perhaps if I started the whole process over and checked a few boxed differently that, just maybe, I would get a different result for an appointment date. And, guess what? It worked! I now have an appointment for the 27th of this month, only two weeks away. I actually only checked on box differently. Amazing!

Now I really need to get hold of my sailing friend Harald as he is in the same boat as me (well, not literally) and has headed off down to Victoria thinking he has to bypass the US. Unfortunately, being a somewhat elderly cruiser, he is not into the newfangled internet, but at least he has a phone. I am definitely gong to persuade him to open an email account after this little fiasco.

Back to Plan A.

All is well,